Studies, Expertise

Expert in activities, both independent advice, as well as a synthesis that is part of a larger project we undertake preparatory studies decision.


Pilot project:

  • ISB model plant study

We made a study of the production of aerated concrete based building system components ISB. The ISB® Building System several years of research and development, a complex term and structural shell, which is also independent thermal shell stiffness bearing as well. The autoclaved aerated concrete building blocks are made in different places in different forms, shapes and sizes are installed. Our task was to make a study, which was to create manufacturing machinery required for the production of sample parts factory construction.

  • Feasibility study of roughing wooden spoon equipment

Feasibility study is to compare a wooden spoon for roughing milling machine concepts, which you can easily decide which technology regarding the production of the most efficient and most cost-effective to be manufactured by our customer product.

  • Grease technical survey equipment

The two units 6 and 7 year olds, the built-in moving parts and electrical components are important too were laid their life, their state reasons for the replacement or renovation. In preparing the study carefully mapped the machines, the machines spotlighted worn components, we proposed replacement of parts. During the renovation, including all pneumatic elements and limit sensors replaced, refurbished carousel machine technology workstations, several changes to the original mechanical and electrical construction, thus further increased the reliability of the machines.

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