Mechanical engineering design, construction

All equipment, tools, or create a complete manufacturing plant can begin engineering design, therefore we place great emphasis on this area. Whether it’s a simple industrial design perspective, the implementation of a technology or a complex installation, success is guaranteed with us . Engineering activities extend throughout the academic preparation of feasibility study, site survey, the operational concept plans and detailed production plans worked out. Limited flexibility to undertake the preparation of engineering plans,  drawings of individual parts, but also construction of complete sets of equipment, its design was based on, or by customers’ designs. The finished components, complete sets of equipment manufactured, assembly, installation, delivery, and servicing is carried out, for example, in addition undertake the subsequent preparation of the documentation of existing equipment as well.

In our work we follow according to the general health and safety, ergonomics and environmental standards, as well as the specific needs of their customers inside their standards. Our staff are working with the computer-aided design methods. Experts to carry out special tasks and analyzes also have adequate support. The completed our plans continue to consult with our customers, for example, is shown in front of the jury plan to detail the framework and consult them.

The plans made ​​by us or passed produced, have prepared the necessary parts, we obtain the necessary commercial components. Depending on the size of the task and the nature of those assembled, to which several of our partners provide quality services . The assembled device is delivered to our clients and the site operated and certified in accordance with their own internal requirements. The finished device to complete engineering design documentation, manuals, we are passing, and of course, provide the guarantee period of continuous service.

Pilot project:

  • Pneumatic test benches

Leak and function test provided the test benches pneumatic railway brake units internal standard can be implemented. A variety of disc and drum brakes on the construction of and for the required tests have prepared a number of different test bench.

  • Card stock rotation device

In accelerated life industry pours us the products which are placed in the storage room stores and shops cardboard boxes. Packaging equipment giant companies prepare the exact size boxes of various products and instruments. The card of rotary equipment in the event of immense help in the automated production when the cutting machine to flip the cardboard boxes inserted into the folding machine. Two concepts is prepared to tackle this task are shown in the following image.


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