Measurement technology

Our customers often look at such tasks that are related to the products quality testing. These tests are often ways to set strict ISO standards and are taking place inside. Our goal is to measuring instruments and control equipment design and construction, which fully satisfy the requirements.


Pilot Projects:

  • Control templates

Produced by the automotive ABS sensors can be supplied with a halter stripping equipment called length spout and control templates. These gauges check that the ABS sensor locating cables in rubber parts in place and are in good position relative to the standard. The principle of optical measurement of the light guard gate check the position of the illuminated light spout. After the completion of the measurement electronics green and red lights will display the results using the measurement, and this sends the controller will cut halter as well. In case of bad rating will cut the halter of the measurement cycle does not continue.

The more pieces of apparatus made ​​annually, in addition you also need more specific to fulfill the customer.

  • ABS sensor measuring restructuring of the system

Our task was to control machine measuring an existing ABS sensor operation transformation so as to verify the 27°-ended sensors also enable them to newly manufactured measuring machine. The transformation began with a known set of spare parts design, which sets the standard with sensor during the measurement process. Then, the sensor function test called. was the position encoder wheel on a rotating table using. Finally, we designed probes backing for the geometric measurement components. With this in parallel with each machine had to be electrically measure of the new sensor is capable of. After the design and manufacture of the equipment on site during installation and of course the extent necessary for the PLC program is modified so that the machine has become capable of measuring these sensors as well.

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