Development of Auto Assembly

In addition to the single-purpose assembly lines, production line design, manufacture and design we can offer the specific needs of our customers. A complete assembly and / or production machining helps our clients with higher quality and more efficient operation of workflows.


Pilot project:

  • LVK module

BMW is one of Germany prepared a supplier of equipment, which is assembled by the three-door BMW driver and front passenger seat-moving mechanics. The apparatus comprises two assembly work space. The station is on the left side of the driver’s side unit assembled on the right passenger side mechanics. The design is unique in that ultrasonic welding, camera and label printers on the system.

  • Halter cutter design

The halter cutter ABS in automotive sensors located and, after checking the rating of the sensor chip technology found locating pin sawing geometric point of view. Similar to the function of the monitoring equipment halter cutting machine are also suitable for the products checked on spare parts sets. More complete haltervágó device we built to the booklet prepared replacement parts and machinery refurbishment and modernization were carried out.


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