Our Company

The AKRION Automatika Ltd. is engaged in the industrial automation and special machine building in the world since May 2012. Currently, 3 employees made ​​up of expert team. Our team with decades of background in industrial automation, machining, product design and serial production. Our staff’s expertise covers the necessary mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and technological processes. In addition, as professionals ( engineers, PLC programmers, installers) do business with people who are furthering our work, so we can undertake to implement major projects and also address specific technical needs of our customers as well. Our engineers have been working together for several years. In our operations we have built a multi- vendor for a fruitful relationship, they provide a stable component manufacturing if our space, and also have built stable relationship with suppliers of commercial partners. History of our customer base is mainly made ​​up of automotive suppliers and other engineering companies.

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Company Information

Headquarter: 2 Villő Street, Budapest H-1165
Office: 20 Temesvár Street START Office Buliding 318 room, Budapest H-1116
Tax Code: HU23950353
Registration Number: 01-09-986138

Our colleagues


Csaba Szentváry
Executive Director
M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Róbert Szikszó
Executive Director
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering